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Watch This Video to Learn How to Get MORE High-profit Ceramic Coating and PPF Jobs Booked With High-end Car Owners

WITHOUT Buying Shared Leads or Paying Over-priced Agency Retainer Fees

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What’s Included in the Detail Shop Sales Machine Accelerator Program?

  • A Library of Profitable Ad Campaigns for Facebook & Instagram
  • Targeted & 100% Exclusive Ceramic Coating Leads
  • Turn More Leads Into Booked Appointments With Our World-class Automation
  • Improve Sales Closing With Proven Detail Shop Sales Scripts, Follow-Ups, and Training
  • Account in the Car Gal Marketing App available for iPhone and Android

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: OK... What's the catch here?
A: There's no catch. This is a free video for detail shop owners that gives the insider tips you need to create a powerful, cost-effective marketing strategy for your business. This free video will teach you how to generate more ceramic coatings – no strings attached! Sorry non-detailers — this tutorial isn't meant for everyone.

Q: Why would you ever ask for my contact information when it's "free"?
A: It all comes down to our core mission — helping the detailing industry thrive. When you provide your email, it opens up a world of opportunities; from exclusive tips and tricks on business growth to valuable resources that help boost success, there are endless possibilities!

Q: How much does this system cost?
A: You can view the video for free and your investment in the program depends on how many ceramic coatings and leads are right for your detail shop.

Q: Will this system work for me if I'm just starting my detailing business?
A: While the system can work for anyone, it's best suited for detail shops who are ready for increased demand with two or more detailers capable of delivering professional-level ceramic coatings.

Q: Is this pay per lead?
A: No. This system builds your detail shop's brand awareness and gets you exclusive leads for your business. Our proven campaigns generate the best ceramic coating leads available. These are real connections that will contact you via phone or text message and potentially become clients!

Q: Who are you?
A: We're a family-driven business with multiple generations serving the automotive industry that have been devoted to providing detail shops with top-notch services and software since 2021. With our commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves in becoming an integral part of your success!

Q: Do you Guarantee Results?
A: Yes. We guarantee results! Check out our free video to find out how.

Still have questions?
We're here and ready to answer! Just hit the chat button, and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.