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Car Gal Marketing was created to deliver qualified, high-value jobs like ceramic coatings and PPF without an agency. We have a proven system that is leading the detailing industry in results. And we have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to help you grow your detail shop.

Get the results you want with a dedicated team of experts working behind the scenes.

If you’re like most detail shop owners, you’ve probably tried a few agencies that over-promised and under-delivered. Or maybe you have tried to do it yourself and didn’t get the results you wanted.

It’s a frustrating cycle that leaves you feeling in a rut wondering what are you doing wrong.

There’s a reason why some detail shops are always fully booked, even in the slower seasons while others are struggling to stay afloat.

The difference is the team of dedicated experts working behind the scenes to maximize results.

That’s exactly what we do at Car Gal Marketing. We are your high-value customer acquisition team.

Simple, Easy, and Done For You!

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Find and protect more high-end cars today

First, we use a variety of tools and marketing channels to find high-end car owners. These car owners want the benefits and protection of a ceramic coating or PPF.

No more missed opportunities

From there we vet and schedule new customers in your calendar for appointments and vehicle assessments for paint correction. Our team keeps a steady flow of appointments rolling into your detail shop, even if marketing is turned off.
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Take your detail shop to the next level

Our team reviews and maximizes your detailing services to increase closing percentages and your overall lifetime value for each customer.

The result is a steady flow of ceramic coating appointments, more money for your detail shop, and a decreased workload for you and your staff. 

Get on the Road to Success for Your Detail Shop

So, if you’re tired of the cycle of constantly changing agencies and ready to take the first step to creating a profitable and successful detail shop that works like a well-oiled machine, then fill out the form to schedule a call with us today!

We look forward to helping you grow your detail shop and get more high-value jobs coming in on demand and with predictability.

What Detail Shop Owners Say About Us

Without the team at Car Gal Marketing, I have no doubt my business would not have shattered our goals for 2021, and we would not be on track to more than double them for 2022. Any business owner that is serious about their product, or service, should not think twice when considering Lori and her team of experts to take care of their online presence, consulting, marketing, advertising and SEO. Customer service is out of this world, replying promptly and always solving any issues.

Car Gal Marketing showed their expertise by kickstarting a massive campaign for our industry and helping us climb to page 1 ridiculously fast, and quickly pulling in more leads than I could handle. Previously, I didn't think that would ever be an issue. I would advise and highly recommend anyone to this team and company, as they will change your business and let you focus on growing it, rather than pulling leads in and handling your online presence to drive traffic and leads.

Luke Houk

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